Giving the Best to Every Breast

Meer Mom from Las Vegas, NV

Super delicious cookies and I seen an improvement in milk immediately. I was able to pump 5 oz. after feeding my baby. Normally I have to find time to pump when he's asleep for long stretches and pray I have enough milk for him when he wakes so he isn't fussy. Thank you for sharing. 

Meer Mom from Stone Mountain, GA

Hmm... where do I start? From the initial chat with Andria I loved her energy! Finally received her DELICIOUS White Chocolate Chip Cookies I knew they wouldn't last an entire week. I went from producing approx 3 oz. from both breast to 5 oz. Now, I can pump more than I need and not stress while my little one is away while I'm at work. Thank you soooo much. May the Most High continue to bless you. 

Meer Dad from Conyers, GA

My wife loves the cookies, and produced 5 ounces about an hour and a half AFTER breastfeeding !!!! Meer Milk Cookies are not only delicious they truly help in boosting milk supply. Don't hesitate to order the cookies !!!! 

Meer Mom from Virgin Islands

I ordered the Chocolate Chip cookies and they're DELICIOUS!!! I just got my cookies yesterday and was able to pump 3 oz. after feeding my baby about an hour and a half after eating some. After a feeding I can't even pump 1 oz. so this is awesome. I can't wait to see how much more I can produce. 

Meer mom from Ohio

So I received my order Monday and tasted right away and they are DELICIOUS! This morning I have been able to pump more than usual! I usually have to do half formula, half breastmilk for my daughters bottles for daycare but not Today!!!! Thank you! I just ordered more and can't wait to stock back up on milk for my baby !!!!!! 

Meer mom from Conyers, GA

I love these cookies! I can't stop eating them. They helped with my production I had to supplement with formula at first and now I don't have to. Thanks to Meer Milk Cookies. I started off with 4 bags now I have about 15 and plus I'm a working mother!